During the uncertainty and volatility in the market, R K Mohapatra’s books help the investors

New Delhi (India), March 10: During the uncertainty and volatility in the market, R K Mohapatra’s books help investors (irrespective of age) construct a good and balanced investment portfolio, provide self-help techniques and tips for wealth creation in the long run, and enable them to achieve their financial goals in life.

Literary Stalwart Mohapatra published books including “Retirement Planning: A simple guide for Individuals,” “Investment Risk & Growth: A Guide for Investors about Investment Vehicles,” “Sahi Nivesh Se Ameer Banen(Hindi Edition)” and “Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals.” Mohapatra’s 5th book, “Relationship: A motley of love, trust, and emotions,” is ready for publishing.

Mohapatra’s book, “Investment Risk and Growth: A Guide for Investors About Investment Vehicles” won the prestigious book award for the 2020 Reader’s Favourite – Gold Medal, and “Mutual funds: A powerful investment Avenue for Individuals” won the Literary Titan Gold Book Award 2020.

R K Mohapatra’s honest and striking portrayals of the corporate world earned him numerous national and international awards, including two prestigious international awards -Exemplary leader award 2019 and Asian Leadership – Hall of Fame award 2021 for his excellent and enormous contributions to IRCON and exceptional caliber to the world of Finance.

R K Mohapatra (1963) is General Manager, Finance, in IRCON, and an “Eminent Author” Awardee; he has 28 years of rich experience in Finance and Account in India and abroad and is known for his literary work on various investment avenues: equity, mutual funds, debt funds, bonds, Gold & Gold ETF, and cash & wealth management, portfolio analysis, financial planning, and retirement planning.

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