Dr. Amit Kamle revolutionises Gospel Music through his soulful melodies

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], April 25: At a time when the world is being taken by storm, and things are uncertain, Dr. Amit Kamle M.D (Russia), popularly known as A.K, Director of A.K. International Tourism, and Founder of Glorify Christ reminds us that gratitude is the biggest and most important form of prayer through his new gospel song, ‘Tera Shukriya’ which means, I thank you! The song has been rendered melodiously by Pastor Anil Kant. The song releases on 9th May 2021 worldwide on Mother’s Day.

In 2019, when Dr. Kamle lost his mother, he still carried out his professional commitments. While on his way back from the Russia tour in 2019, throughout the flight, Dr. Kamle kept looking at the skies. His mind was lost in prayers to Lord Jesus, seeking the intervention of Holy Spirits’ to grant him the gift of composing and writing songs in God’s glory. His heart desired to spread the noble work of the gospel.

Upon reaching Delhi for a layover, a holy tune crossed his mind and he instantly took note of the same, while he thanked God for his wish being granted. Overwhelmed with the blessings that came his way, and with a mind and heart sunk in gratitude, he kept thanking god. Incidentally, he began humming the words of the tune – Tera Shukriya, nothing else.

No less than a miracle, and with god answering his earnest and honest prayer, he composed and completed the tune at the airport itself – a testimony to the divine intervention he received.

Once he was back home, he locked himself for over 10 hours, and as the holy spirit-led and guided him, he penned the final lyrics and melody of the gospel. “The first lines I penned were Aasma Se Aaye Hai Koi Saugat, Aur Main Karta Hu Jaijaikar (From heaven has come a gift and I sing praises),” humbly shares Kamle.

With Tera Shukriya, Dr. Amit Kamle begins his journey as a music composer and lyricist. Pastor Anil Kant has rendered his divine voice to the melodious Tera Shukriya, which is composed, penned, and conceptualized by Dr. Kamle. “I consider Pastor Kant as my spiritual father and hold him in very high regard. I believe that Tera Shukriya, which is shot beautifully in New Zealand, will be a blessing for millions and will be appreciated throughout the world. We want to release it on Mother’s Day, it is our gratitude to all the Mothers across the globe,” Dr. Kamle adds.

During his school days, Dr. Kamle played Tabla and guitar and was very fond of music. In 2012, he established A.K.International Tourism and initiated pilgrimage trips to Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. In 2016, Dr. Amit Kamle and his wife Purnima founded Glorify Christ that produces gospel songs.

Glorify Christ, since its inception in 2016, under the umbrella of A.K. International Tourism, has created over 50 gospel songs in languages that range across Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Punjabi, Assamese, Khasi, Nagamese, and even in Hebrew. Glorify Christ is a not-for-profit venture by A K International Tourism, which specialises in organising Holy land Tours across Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. The company is also venturing into outreach programs of the gospel through Gospel Music.

Dr. Amit Kamle’s popular Gospel Collection that includes the Pauline Epistles and his Gospel Collection of Psalms are popular on several listeners’ playlists. He is very inspired by the work of Saint Paul and his outreach ministry of the gospel.

Concludes Dr. Kamle, “Glorify Christ is a musical platform that spreads Gospel music across the globe. Creating worship songs is our priority and we intend to create more interesting worship songs. We want to introduce to the world fusion songs, ghazals, contemporary, and various other genres of music through our holy work. We are focusing on Biblical Verse-based songs. Gospel music has nothing to do with self-glorification or recognition. Instead, its prime purpose is the outreach of Christ’s Ministry through my gift of music, a gift that Christ himself sowed in me with a beautiful purpose for the world to know.”

Dr. Kamle wears many hats – that of a Doctor, Entrepreneur, Educationist, Consultant, Philanthropist, Globetrotter, Guide, Creative Director, Scenarist, Music Producer, Lyricist, and Music Director. Yet his root mission, purpose, and aim are to build a community of people across the globe who love, enjoy, and appreciate gospel music.

Dr. Amit Kamle’s Other Gospel Hits include:

  • Mere Papa sung by S.P.Balasubrahmanyam
  • DilMeraDil and Gumsum sung by Shaan
  • Prem Mahan Hai sung by Amit Kumar
  • Tu Hi Hai sung by Shirin George
  • Yahova sung by Adwita Amit Kamle
  • Teri Mahima and Gethsemane sung by Keerthi Sagathia
  • Tere Bina Yeshu sung by Dev Negi
  • PitaahKeAnugraha Se sung by Hariharan
  • Mera Bharat sung by Cameron Mendes
  • Jeevan Ka Maksad by Kumar Sanu
  • Tera Anugraha Mere LiyeKafi sung by Sudesh Bhosale
  • Kalaam sung by Abhay Jodhpurkar
  • Tu Hi DhanyaHoga sung by Vijay Prakash
  • Aatma Ka Phal sung by Divya Kumar
  • Prarthana sung by Ash King
  • Samaysung by Vijay Benedict
  • Prabhu Bade Aur Main Ghatu sung by Bela Shende
  • Naya Jeevan sung by Suresh Wadkar
  • Dhanyawad Kare sung by Nithya Mammen

Link to his YouTube Channel:www.YouTube.com/akinternationaltourism


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