Customers in Bengaluru, Hyderabad concerned about their health, will shop healthy food: Simpli Namdhari’s Customer Trends Report reveals

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], January 15: The health crisis in India, brought on by lifestyle choices, is now a growing concern in the country. Known as the ‘Diabetes Capital of the World,’ the country has nearly 80 million people with diabetes, a number set to surge to 135 million by 2045. The growing rate of heart attacks every year, and poor dietary habits of more than 75% of India’s population, many customers are realising the need to consume healthy foods that complement their fitness goals. 

Simpli Namdhari’s conducted a study, “Choose Goodness: A Comprehensive Analysis of Health-Conscious Grocery Choices in Bangalore and Hyderabad”, where 34,000 customers in Bengaluru and Hyderabad were surveyed in December 2023. The study reveals how customers intend to shop in 2024 and their perception of healthy food choices. According to the report, customers are increasingly concerned about their health and aspire to shop for healthy food options. However, a lack of awareness about nutrition-rich foods is impeding them from achieving their health goals.  

Customers perceive exotic fruits and vegetables as healthy

In 2024, customers in Bengaluru and Hyderabad are concerned about their health — 38% customers in Bengaluru and 34% in Hyderabad are genuinely concerned about their health and are willing to pay a premium for healthier food options. However, many customers aren’t aware of foods that could help them along on their journey. In fact, 64% of customers are oblivious to an array of exotic fruits and vegetables and their associated nutritional advantages. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel — 35% of customers in Bengaluru and 30% in Hyderabad perceive exotic foods as healthy. Additionally, nearly 40% of customers in Bengaluru and 27% in Hyderabad express a desire to opt for exotic produce in 2024.

Customers want healthy dairy products 

Customers in Bengaluru and Hyderabad are increasingly choosing A2 milk in both cities. Since traditional milk consumption leads to digestive discomfort because of the A1 beta-casein protein, customers prefer A2 as it is perceived as a gentler option on the digestive system, making it a preferred choice for those with lactose sensitivity or mild lactose intolerance. In fact, 70% of customers in Hyderabad and 55% in Bengaluru display a strong inclination towards buying A2 dairy products owing to its purported health benefits. 

Customers aren’t buying immunity-boosting foods 

Immunity-boosting foods were a top preference for customers during the pandemic. However, in the aftermath of the pandemic, customer awareness and interest has dwindled — 65% customers in Bengaluru and Hyderabad say they don’t buy immunity-boosting foods. With customers concerned about health, grocery retailers bear a responsibility to educate their customers about the enduring advantages of adopting a healthy lifestyle and diet for long-term immunity. The findings reinforce the importance of consistent healthy food choices in the overall well-being of consumers.

Millets and Whole Grains reign low in the customer shopping cart

Despite customers growing concerned about their health, only 13% choose millets and whole grains. This signals a significant gap between health awareness and consumer choices. Addressing this requires a concerted effort from retailers in educating consumers about the need to pivot towards healthier alternatives, and align their dietary preferences with their health goals. Increased education on the benefits of millets and whole grains, coupled with accessible options in retail outlets, can empower consumers to make more informed choices. 

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About Simpli Namdhari’s

Simpli Namdhari’s stands at the forefront as India’s premier veg omni channel retailer, embodying a rich legacy of over 40 years in farming that yields an impressive 36,000 metric ton of residue-free fresh fruits and vegetables annually. With an extensive footprint spanning 30+ strategically located stores across Bangalore and Hyderabad, we proudly serve a loyal customer base exceeding 600,000.

Our stores boast an expansive array of offerings, ranging from a meticulously curated selection of exotic fruits and vegetables to an impeccable assortment of residue-free staples and grains, single-origin dairy products, an in-house bakery, imported dry fruits, healthy snacks, cold-pressed oils, and an array of FMCG, beauty products, and home essentials. 

Committed to providing a distinctive grocery experience, Simpli Namdhari’s endeavours to empower its customers to make the right choices and choose goodness for themselves and their families. Our unwavering dedication to quality and excellence underscores our position as a premium grocery shopping destination for our customers.

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