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New Delhi (India), October 17: Job Giffy is your go-to Job/Candidate Search Partner aims to drastically reduce employers hiring costs by providing them with world-class hiring tools and improving the quality of the available talent pool to an employable talent pool that is not only IQ-oriented but more EQ-oriented by incubating this talent pool to The 21 Step IPP Workshops.

The platform provides you with simple ATS Friendly Resumes via its inbuilt Resume Builder APP. This way the recruiters get standardized resumes saving them crucial time while screening tons of applications.

Along with an ATS Friendly Resume Builder, Job Giffy Offers an inbuilt Applicant Tracking System to recruiters/employers – ATS enables employers to reduce their Cost to Hire and improve Time to Hire by making the decision more simplified and shortlisting and scheduling of candidates hassle-free with its meeting scheduler.

The company aims to reduce the hiring cost of employers and enable small-scale companies/startups and hiring managers to make better decisions. Currently, JobGiffy houses 100+ employers and more than 2500+ Jobs.

Job Giffy has 6 key features that will enable small-scale companies/startups to hire better and reduce their hiring cost. All these features in one portal are a unique offering and challenge the status quo in the Indian Job & Talent Search Market.

  1. An In build ATS Friendly Resume Builder
  2. An Applicant Tracking System
  3. People Dashboard (Recruiter – Analytics to improve decision-making to hire a relevant resource + Candidate – Analytics to improve job search strategies)
  4. 100+ Automated Job Descriptions from Finance | HR | Talent Acquisition / IT / BFSI | Engineering and many more domains for hassle-free Job Postings
  5. Job Postings – Post Jobs for Free and write Detailed JDs or take help from 100+ Automated JDs
  6. Video Interviews – Simple Integration with one of the leading cloud-based video conferencing servicesin the world.

Job Giffy furthermore provides College to Corporate Support via various workshops under their flagship workshop titled The 21 Step Interview Preparation Program. Currently, Job Giffy is in talks with various colleges for MoUs to take its mission forward to empower 1 Million Students by enabling them to be happy, emotionally intelligent, and skilled individuals that look beyond usual and perform and excel at the corporate level and simultaneously which in-turns increase the efficacy and quality of the campus placement/recruitment process.

With The 21 Step IPP and Certified Recruitment Generalist Program by HR Brain HUB (The Parent Company) Job Giffy is on a journey to empower candidates and recruiters to enhance the Candidate Recruiter Experience.

The 21 Step IPP empowers candidates to be more upfront about who they are and what they want from their next roles. This ensures that they only get offers that suit their skills, experience, and aspirations precisely, providing candidates with a unique personalized job-seeking experience tailored specifically to meet their requirements.

Job Giffy is aiming to equip small-scale companies and startups with simple yet evolved tech that will not only help them hire better but create a strong and healthy hiring culture that is enabled by state-of-the-art technology and powered by emotional intelligence.

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