City Intelligence Detective Agency assists people in unlocking the truth

New Delhi [India], July 19: City Intelligence Detective Agency offers discrete & confidential private investigation & corporate investigation services globally. With its corporate office in Delhi and with a team of over 70 highly skilled investigators, they have helped several clients to unlock the truth. City Intelligence Detective Agency provides Employee Background Check, Debugging, Asset Verification, Insurance Claim Investigations, Pre-Matrimonial Investigation, Missing Person Investigation, and Loyalty tests. The City Intelligence Detective Agency has been assisting people to find the truth for the last 22 years.

The team believes that every case is unique and must be treated differently. With the help of the latest modern surveillance technology and experienced minds, City Intelligence Detective Agency has high success closure rates. Rajeev Kumar, the Founder & CEO of City Intelligence Detective Agency believes that truth is a powerful weapon to lead a better life. His vision is to create a fair society by solving complex mysteries and finding out the truth.

The services are available 24/7 and there are both male and female operatives. The company values transparency and keeps the clients looped till the case is resolved. The prices are set based on the time and effort required to solve the mystery. The clients can discuss the pricing before handing over the case to the team.

In the current competitive world, there are chances that business information is leaked. Besides, the risk of privacy is also very high. This calls for a specialized detective agency that caters to Bug Sweeping, TSCM sweep, RF Bug Detection, Corporate Espionage, and anti-surveillance services. Fortunately, the City Intelligence Detective Agency does it all. The experts also help in intelligence gathering and case analysis.

It’s never easy to find out the truth. One has to delve into the past, comprehend the data, frame strategies, and further investigate to know the reality. Besides, it is equally important to follow the investigation protocol and conduct it with 100% discretion, confidentiality, and acquiescence with all applicable laws. The team at City Intelligence Detective Agency understands the importance of protocol and follows the same. They use proven methodology and offer time-bound solutions.

Visit to know more about the services they offer, the investigation process, charges, and the clients they have helped so far. Remember, doubts lead to questions and questions lead to truth. Reach out to the experts to solve the mystery and unlock the truth.

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