Chai Sutta Bar spreads the taste of Kulhad yet again with the newly arrived Trio in the City of Mumbai

~ All you need is a cup of tea ~

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], November 17: Chai Sutta Bar, a brand known for its Divine Tea & Humble beginnings, spreads the warmth & holiness of Kulhad back-to-back with its newly arrived trio in the city of Mumbai within one month. The Trio was inaugurated on the 15th of October in Vasai, the 28th of October in Khoper khairane & the 13th of November in Talaopali Thane (W). Mumbai is one of the busiest and most lively places in the whole world. It is indeed one of the great achievements of Chai Sutta Bar to open its branch consecutively within one month. It was all possible because of the demand and the love people showered throughout the stretch, stated Anubhav Dubey on the launching day, Co-founder of Chai Sutta Bar. The newly arrived stores were welcomed with hoots & hooray in a closed event due to COVID guidelines.

With the purpose of spreading the intoxicating icon “Kulhad Chai” over the world, the company decided to keep quality high while keeping costs low in order to keep wallets tight and hearts light with the aroma of Chai. The brand’s soulful Tea has been delivered to over 100 cities and countries, including Dubai and Oman, to name a few. Chai’s amazing blessing have left a sweet spot in their hearts who greeted the store with their welcoming warmth and shining grins.

“Mumbai is not only the country’s commercial hub but also one of the country’s most densely populated cities. The city features a high concentration of office workers and young people who are enthusiastic about their careers. For the most part, a cup of Chai is wishful thinking; we believe in redefining the taste and culture of India by offering a cup of tea in Kulhad and spreading the delight of Chai. The initial Chai Sutta Bar outlet had a fantastic response and acceptance from Mumbai residents, so we decided to extend throughout the city and appeal to the widest possible audience. “On the occasion of the launch, Anubhav Dubey, co-founder of Chai Sutta Bar, said,”

With the passage of time, Kulhad’s brilliant legacy faded, and “Chai” went out of favour. Under this concept, a modern variation of the chai bar opened in July 2016, serving Kadak tea on the bar table with no “sutta breaks.” CSB is a low-cost tea shop that employs potters throughout the year and also hires orphans to help them feel independent and valued. Even in the midst of the pandemic, they were able to successfully distribute SafeTea across the country, bringing hope and happiness into people’s lives. We hope to grow enormously with our marvelous locations in Mumbai and celebrate chai with cheers & chuski.

Chai Sutta Bar: Cuddle the Kulhad!!!

Chai Sutta Bar is a rapidly growing Tea chain in India that was established back in 2016. Chai Sutta Bar envisions blending Kulhad’s health benefits with the most go-to beverage, ‘Chai’ in India. Hailing from the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh, it is well known for its uniqueness and world-class service. The brand has served several soulful Chai of Kulhad to over 100 cities along with countries like Dubai & Oman, to mention a few. The brand is owned by the dedicated duos, Anubhav & Anand, who, at the young age of 22, dreamt of serving a Wishful cup of chai in every corner of the world. 

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