CAR-O-MAN was named the Most Promising Brand in Hyderabad-2021 by Business Mint’s Nationwide Awards

CAR-O-MAN wants to become a national player in the car service and repair industry

New Delhi August 30: India is the biggest automobile market globally, and consequently, at some random place of time, there will be vehicles that will require repairs and services. Whether for four-wheelers or not, the vehicle service or repair segments are additionally profoundly unorganized in our country. Addressing this issue, CAR-O-MAN was launched in Hyderabad in 2010, providing an on-demand car repairs service.

SA Raaju, CEO and Founder of CAR-O-MAN, is a Mechanical Engineering graduate, says there is significant room for improvement in car repair after-sales operations, particularly in process adherence, customer experience, and technology adoption, particularly in the auto repair vertical.

In its undertaking of giving an on-demand service, CAR-O-MAN has fabricated frameworks in the backend that guarantee the whole process from the time a request is placed till the work is finished runs smoothly.

The worldwide automobile repair and maintenance services industry is expected to grow by more than 3% somewhere in the range of 2021 and 2031, as indicated by Future Market Insights, driven by expanding vehicle production and increasing demand from developing business sectors prominently China and India.

There are numerous things which should be thought about before we can send our mechanic. First and foremost, we need to comprehend the issue, sort out the expense, and then allocate the perfect individual for the job, says SA Raaju, Founder of CAR-O-MAN.

At CAR-O-MAN, they have encountered specialists who will survey your vehicle and give it the treatment it requires. The help involves changing old parts and oil and checking whether the key segments are working appropriately. The complete process is a hassle-free encounter, and your vehicle will be properly adjusted without you stressing any longer. They offer many other vehicle administrations and support in and around Hyderabad. CAR-O-MAN appears to be a worthwhile situation in this time of social distancing, as there is a possibility of clients preferring vehicle services at their homes or on the spot.

CAR-O-MAN offers Free Pickup and Drop Service in and around Hyderabad. They have an exciting offer on car denting and painting car modification, and car maintenance services.

Our highly skilled and prepared mechanics use high-quality products combined with cutting-edge technology for all vehicle repair services. We also protect clients from being overcharged by providing reasonable and transparent pricing, “says SA Raaju, CEO and Founder of CAR-O-MAN.

All you need to do is book a service appointment on the website and confirm your booking by making an instalment. Whenever you are done, wait for the CAR-O-MAN specialists to get your vehicle, take it to the nearest service centre, offer a diagnosis, and complete the mandatory service requirements before dropping the car back at your doorstep after a QA test.

Purchasing and selling used vehicles is still a significant hazy situation in the automobile business. Individuals were sceptical about buying it. Servicing was unorganized, and purchasers often ended up going to non-reliable service stations to stay away from high costs.

CAR-O-MAN was convinced to help you discover answers to these issues and make your journey as a used-car owner convenient and bother-free.

CAR-O-MAN has been providing car service for 10+ years. Their customers have motivated them to be what they are today. They flourish in generally advantageous conditions and consistently give their best. The adoration given by their clients is immeasurable. CAR-O-MAN is the best multi-brand car repair service in Hyderabad.

CAR-O-MAN is cost-effective as compared to other organizations. It is very cost-effective, and you won’t have to worry about exorbitant fees in this venture. Employees are regarded as the company’s strength in a company such as CAR-O-MAN. It diagnoses the problem and repairs the vehicle to its original condition. CAR-O-MAN has expert workmanship and also establishes transparency to its fullest potential. The company strives to keep all services transparent to clients to avoid future issues. CAR-O-MAN promises to surpass the promises. If they promise you some assistance, they make sure to deliver more than that promise just at the perfect time.

CAR-O-MAN has been awarded the Most Promising Brand in Hyderabad-2021, Multi Brand Car Service Category by Business Mint Nationwide Awards, for their extensive service and providing quality service in a short period.

The CAR-O-MAN claims to place clients steering the ship by offering the best and most moderate help, whether it is related to brakes, suspension, transmission, clutch, or engine repair. CAR-O-MAN manages responsibilities like introducing sunroofs, cooling, rooftop racks, and navigation framework. CAR-O-MAN brings aesthetic appeal to your vehicle by changing the interior or outer appearance as indicated by your needs. Their specialists will do the work with all things considered devotion, and they will ensure that you’ll be astounded by the final product.

The USP:

CAR-O-MAN We have standard arrangements and thoughts for increasingly smart thoughts in the making for the most requested inside planning. Fortunately, you have discovered the most refined place like CAR-O-MAN, where their team is prepared to transform singular thoughts and dreams into the real world. They trust in flawlessness, even the most minor details, and their talents blend into an amicable entirety. Trust them with changing your vehicle’s inside and outside into a novel, restrictive space as indicated by your vision and character.

They comprehend your needs and prerequisites. They must form a tweaked, modified vehicle that lives up to your desires. Their expert accessories team will work with you according to the modification plans you recommend to them, and they will make a vehicle that does precisely what you are searching for. Their team is knowledgeable about building many cars for a wide range of customers, affirming that they have the equipment to get you precisely what you need.

About CAR-O-MAN:

CAR-O-MAN was founded by SA Raaju in the year 2010. It is a modern, organized, multi-brand one-stop-shop car service centre located in the heart of Hyderabad City, spread over 10000 sq. ft., located in three places: Gachibowli, ECIL, and LB Nagar.



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