CapiticoPRG partners with IAU for Honorary Doctorate awards in India

New Delhi (India), February 14: CapiticoPRG is a Delhi-based education consulting firm that now has an exclusive alliance with the International American University (IAU), based in Los Angeles, USA, to honor Doctorate Awards to Indian candidates. This initiative is led by its CEO Parul Goel, who is a woman with many talents. She has lived and led different businesses in various countries for the last three decades and has significant experience in the education business in India and abroad, which has helped her to further this agenda of CapiticoPRG.

As a strategic alliance partner with IAU, CapiticoPRG will ensure to recommend, promote and honor IAU honorary Doctorate Awards to experience and qualified professionals. As quoted by Mrs Goel, “We are delighted and honored to collaborate with IAU and look forward to building long-lasting brand value among the target audience”.

Mr Ryan Doan has been the CEO of International American University since 2005. He has done an MBA from Capella University, Minneapolis and MN & BA in psychology from UC Irvine. IAU ensures a concentrated faculty body, specialized curriculum, and faculty interaction. IAU’s faculties are business professionals who have made an impact on developing organizations to go from ‘good’ to ‘great’. Honorary awards are subject to approval by the Honorary Selection Committee. In making its recommendations for the honorary awards and in considering the people to be honored, it will focus primarily on people of academic prominence in the fields of research and scholarship of particular interest to the University, apart from the prominent achievers in the field of Business and Management Excellence.

As stated by Mr Doan – “We are excited about the alliance and are looking forward to working with CapiticoPRG, a premier organisation for education solutions. The CEO’s wide experience and the company’s footprint in different regions would certainly support us to establish a name and creditability in the Asian market.”

The primary vision of this alliance will be to award the IAU Honorary Doctorate to dignitaries and deserving Indians with expertise in the following segments:

People of academic prominence in the broad fields of research and scholarship of particular interest to the University;

Entrepreneurs and others distinguished in business and industry;

Those who have contributed with distinction to the University; such people might also fall into one or more categories (i) to (iii) above.

The awards that will be honored are:

# Honorary Doctor of Philosophy (Hon. PhD)

# Honorary Doctor of Business Administration (Hon. DBA)

# Honorary Master of Business Administration (Hon. MBA)

# Honorary Professorship (Hon P.)

CapiticoPRG inviting nominations for doctorate, Formal Convocation to be organized as Covid Norms relaxed


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