Business Mint is proud to announce Nationwide HealthCare Awards – 2022

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New Delhi (India), August 17: Business Mint announced the renowned Nationwide HealthCare Awards – 2022 on August 16, 2022, to recognize and honour winners at various levels for exemplifying strength, innovation, expertise, and vision for the expansion of the healthcare industry. The Nationwide HealthCare Awards – 2022 were created to honour businesses and individuals for their achievements in the sector by developing new technologies that would better healthcare delivery’s overall performance and affordability. Over the years, the Nationwide Awards have established themselves as the industry standard for honouring contributions to healthcare in the nation based on the three assessment criteria of innovation, impact, sustainability, and scalability.

The awards program seeks to recognize hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations that have overcome obstacles and made a noteworthy difference in the lives of their patients, particularly amid the severe disruption brought on by the COVID-19 epidemic. The Nationwide HealthCare Awards 2022 was an enormous achievement in which more than 800 nominations came.

COVID-19 has harmed healthcare systems all around the world, but it has also encouraged many of them to rethink and adapt their patient care and personnel safety programs.

To honour those bright minds, Business Mint issued a list of Healthcare companies, Individuals, and non-profits organizations whose groups and missions brought home a success here:

List of “Nationwide HealthCare Awards – 2022” winner:

  • Mallareddy Narayana Hospital – Most Credible Multispecialty Hospital of the Year – 2022, Hyderabad. & Largest Hospital in North Hyderabad
  • Mankind Pharma – Most Innovative Chatbot of the Year – 2022, Doctor Channel Category
  • Doctors For A Cause – Most Prominent NGO of the Year – 2022, Focusing Healthcare
  • Lyceum – Most Prominent Pharmaceutical Company of the Year – 2022, Ahmedabad
  • Yashaayu Multispecialty Ayurveda and Panchakarma Center – Most Prominent Multi Speciality Ayurveda Clinic of the Year – 2022, Benguluru
  • SRI BALAJI WHOLISTIC CURE – Most Prominent Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Centre of the Year – 2022, Guntur
  • JK Speech & Hearing Centre® – Best Hearing Center – 2022, Hyderabad
  • Cupping & Hijama Wellness Clinic – Most Promising Hijama Clinic of the Year – 2022, Kolkata
  • Toothology Multispeciality Dental Clinic – Most Prominent Dental Clinic of the Year – 2022, Mumbai
  • Ferticare IVF Asist – Most Promising Fertility Center of the Year – 2022, Hyderabad
  • Ritika’S Yoga Studio – Best Emerging Yoga Studio of the Year – 2022, Ahmedabad
  • City X Ray & Scan Clinic – Most Prominent Diagnostic Centre of the Year – 2022, Delhi
  • Elite Hair and Skin Studio – Most Prominent Hair Skin Clinic of the Year – 2022, Hyderabad
  • AFCare – Most Prominent Company of the Year – 2022, Mumbai in Healthcare Services Category 

Special Awards 

  1. Dr.Lokendra Choudhary – Most Prominent Physiotherapist of the Year – 2022, Mandsaur
  2. Dr. Lasya Sai Sindhu, MBBS | MS – Most Prominent Neurotologist of the Year – 2022, Hyderabad
  3. Dr.Ishwari Bhirud (Care 32 Family Dental Care Center) – Most Advance Dental Service Provider (Rural Urban & Semi-Urban Area) – 2022, Mumbai
  4. Dr Chirag jyotiyana, Emergency Physician – Most Prominent Healthcare Professional in Ahmedabad – 2022, Emergency Physician Category
  5. Dr.Manan Mehta | MBBS, MD-Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy – Most Prominent Dermatologist of the Year – 2022, Gurgaon
  6. Dr. Umar Mushir, M.D Psychiatry M.B.B.S – Most Promising Psychiatrist of the Year – 2022, Lucknow
  7. Dr. Ankit Singhal, Pulmonologist – Most Promising Chest Physician of the Year – 2022, New Delhi
  8. Praggatti Rao, Consultant Psychologist & Mindset coach – Most Prominent Women Entrepreneur of the Year – 2022, Haryana in Life Coach & Psychologist Category
  9. Dr. Arvind Gahlot – Most Prominent Cardiothoracic Surgeon of the Year – 2022, Mumbai
  10. Dr. Ranjan Modi, Interventional Cardiologist – Most Promising Cardiologist of the Year – 2022, Delhi
  11. Jithu Jose, Ph.D – Most Promising Medical Tourism Leader of the Year – 2022
  12. Dr. Vijay Kumar Kontham, MBBS | DNB – Most Prominent Oncologist of the Year – 2022, Hyderabad
  13. Dr. Jaya Pathak, Chief Dermatologist – Potenza wellness – Most Prominent Dermatologist of the Year – 2022, Gurugram
  14. Dr. Atluri Nagendra Kumar, B.D.S | M.D.S – Excellence in Quality Dental – 2022, Vijayawada
  15. Dr. N Sita Rama Krishna Rao M.A (Psy) | M.Sc(Psy) | M.Ed | M.Phil | Ph.D. – Most Promising Psychologist of the Year – 2022, Visakhapatnam
  16. Dr. Prashant Kothari, M.B.B.S | DNB (Cardiothoracic Surgery) – Most Prominent Cardiothoracic Surgeon of the Year – 2022, Jaipur
  17. Rahul Dubey, Head | Digital Marketing – Paras Healthcare Pvt Ltd – Most Prominent Digital Healthcare Professional of the Year – 2022
  18. Tarun Majumdar, Vice President | Sales & Marketing – Paras Healthcare Pvt Ltd – Most Prominent Sales and Marketing Healthcare Industry Leader of the Year – 2022
  19. Dr. Harsha Agarwal (Ph.D. Psychology, MITBCCT UK) – Most Promising Psycho-Oncologist of the Year – 2022, Delhi
  20. Subhojit Ghosh – Most Prominent Pharmaceutical Industry Expert of the Year – 2022, Product Management Category
  21. Dr.Vishwannath Hiremath, B.D.S | F.A.G.E | F.I.L.S | M.DS,(Ph.D) – Most Prominent Maxillofacial Surgeon and Implantologist of the Year 2022, Bengaluru  
  22. Dr.Minal Chandra – Most Prominent Pain Physician of the Year – 2022, Hyderabad
  23. Dr. Pradeep Mathur, Chief Medical and Health Officer – Sanjeevani Kaya Shodhan Sansthan – Most Prominent Healthcare Professional of the Year – 2022, in Yoga & Naturopathy Category, Sonipat (Haryana)
  24. Dr.Sreekumar Appukuttannair, Director at Nutrigenomics Pvt Ltd. – Most Promising Functional Nutritional & Cellular Medicine Practitioner of the Year – 2022, Kerala
  25. Neha Lal – Most Prominent Healthcare Management Leader of the Year – 2022, Ahmedabad
  26. DR. Chandni Mehra Chauhan | MBBS | MD – Most Prominent Anesthesiologist of the Year – 2022, Haryana
  27. Dr.Alpa Savla | Dental Surgeon | Cosmetic Dentist | Child Dental Health Educator – Best Emerging Cosmetic Dentist of the Year – 2022, Mumbai
  28. Dr. Garima Sarawgi, M.B.B.S | MS | MCH – Most Prominent Surgical Oncologist of the Year – 2022, Bhubaneswar

Mr. Vinay Kanth Korapati, Founder Business Mint complimented all of the awardees and remarked that they each showed excellence and embodied the highest standards of medical ethics and procedures. The Nationwide HealthCare Awards – 2022 are Business Mint’s modest way of saying thank you to all of these motivational people and groups.These accolades will help them be even better able to handle and maintain their missions afloat through challenging periods and guide their target through them. 

Business Mint is one stop destination to serve organizations and entrepreneurs for their professional advancement through research and recognition approach. Business Mint is a platform for associations and business people where individuals get acknowledgment for their diligent effort. Their good try to perceive the incredible business thoughts, adventures and great individuals behind them that get it going at any expense.

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