Author Ruchira Garg release her new novel Soda, Water, Lemon in My Mocktail

May 9: Under Clever Fox Publishing, Author Ruchira Garg has released her debut novel ‘Soda, Water, Lemon in My Mocktail’. The writer has penned down the story in a very beautiful manner. The book depicts the story of a girl, Mandira who aspires to be independent and successful while balancing it with the norms of life laid down for women in her society. The firstborn in an educated family, a virtuous role model for her siblings and cousins with a record of academic excellence, her parents want nothing but the best for her.

The story follows the search for an ideal life for her, which is fulfilled with the perfect proposal from the NRI groom. A highly educated and accomplished family, a successful and brilliant life partner, and making a life together in a country of opportunities is more than what she aspired for. But the sparkle soon fizzles out with a spate of unfortunate, unwanted discoveries and situations. The book leaves with a question will she try to blend into the circumstances, taking shape and color as others want her to? Or will she accept the sweet, sour, and sometimes sharp experiences as fate, or will she make her own choices to create a flavor of life learning from these experiences?

Talking about her debut novel, Ruchira Garg said, “Since this is my first attempt towards writing a novel, I have written it from my heart. I have tried to incorporate the story in a manner so that every person can relate to and learn from the protagonist’s journey. I have kept the pace in a way that keeps the reader engaged throughout and questions that they will have in their mind will be answered as the story flows and they reach the conclusion of the book. I hope readers will love the book and will appreciate my work. I am happy to share my first book among the masses and looking forward to some positive feedback.”

About Ruchira Garg

The author of the book, Ruchira Garg was born and brought up in Varanasi and has lived across multiple cities in India. She is a Psychology graduate from Lady Shriram College for Women and has a Master’s in Human Resources from Delhi School of Economics with a career spanning over two decades with renowned multinational brands. She has been a speaker at several corporate and management events. She is also an active blogger and storyteller, sharing her thoughts on various professional forums as well as through her podcast which is available on all leading podcast platforms. Along with her career in management, Ruchira is also an itinerant traveler. She finds traveling and engaging with people meditative and feels that her adventures help her build different perspectives. She shares her traveling experiences through her Travelog- “The Wanderbee”.

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