Arbour Investments’ Successful Exit from Puneet Amarjyoti Project with Impressive 20% IRR

“Puneet Amarjyoti, Vikhroli, a-118 unit’s project comprises of Strategic efficiency, accelerated construction, and streamlined approvals define the success”

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 22: Arbour Investments, India’s leading real estate investment firm, proudly announced the successful exit from its Puneet Amarjyoti project, located in Tagore Nagar, Vikhroli. The achievement showcased Arbour Investments’ commitment to excellence and strategic investment in the real estate sector.

Project Details

Project Name: Puneet Amarjyoti

Location: Tagore Nagar, Vikhroli

Type of Project: Residential

Investment Date: June 2022

Exit Date: January 2024

Internal Rate of Return (IRR): 20%

Arbour Investments embarked on the Puneet Amarjyoti project with a vision to create a distinguished residential space in the heart of Vikhroli. The successful exit from the project not only signifies financial success but also underscores Arbour Investments’ ability to navigate the real estate landscape effectively.

Priyesh Chheda, Founder, Arbour Investments, stated: “Our successful exit from the Puneet Amarjyoti project exemplifies Arbour Investments’ commitment to strategic investments. Achieving a remarkable 20% IRR within two years on a Mumbai middle-income housing development underscores our proficiency. Our hands-on approach, recommending faster construction, and bulk approval processes were instrumental in projects’ success.”

The Puneet Amarjyoti project is characterized by its strategic location and meticulous planning. This outstanding performance underscores Arbour Investments’ proficiency in identifying and capitalizing on lucrative investment opportunities.

Prateek Patil, Promoter, Puneet Urban Spaces: “Arbour Investments’ expertise is unmatched. The team is clear-sighted in the complex realm of the real estate framework. Arbour’s deep understanding of market dynamics has aided the faster construction of the Puneet Amarjyoti project. We look forward to working together in coming years.”

Arbour Investments expressed gratitude to all stakeholders, including partners, investors, and the project team, for their unwavering support and commitment throughout the journey. The successful exit from Puneet Amarjyoti is a testament to the collaborative efforts. 

With new growth and opportunities lined up, this achievement marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey. The firm remains dedicated to delivering exceptional returns to its investors and contributing to the growth and development of the real estate sector.

Arbour Investments’ Successful Exit from Puneet Amarjyoti Project with Impressive 20% IRR - PNN Digital
Arbour Investments’ Successful Exit from Puneet Amarjyoti Project with Impressive 20% IRR – PNN Digital

About Arbour Investments: 

Arbour Investments, India’s leading investment solution firm for the real estate industry prides itself on its unwavering commitment to the 3Ts&I (Trust, Technology, Transparency, and Integrity). The company’s singular mission – to transform the investment landscape and establish strong business relationships. With a dedicated committed team of professionals, Arbour Investments offers a tailored suite of personalised investment solutions to its 3 Cs – Clients, Customers and Consumers. With an exceptional talent pool and collective experience of over four decades in the real estate market, Arbour Investments has successfully funded INR 499 crores worth of assets and served hundreds of clients. Being at the forefront of setting standards in the industry, Arbour Investments is spearheaded by Tejas Patil, Chirag Mehta, and Priyesh Chheda. With cutting-edge technology at the core of its solutions, Arbour Investments caters for private equity and private credit investment strategies – across residential, commercial and industrial projects.

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