Aquabrim Home Appliance Installs Its Devices At the Chennai Airport To Combat the Rising Water Level

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], January 19: In a recent development, the Corporate Communications of Chennai Airport issued a press release announcing the successful installation of Aquabrim Home Appliance Pvt. Ltd. devices to safeguard the airport premises from the threat of flood due to rising water levels of the Adyar river nearby. It has been a persistent issue at the airport which now stands resolved due to these innovative devices. These include a Water Level Indicator and Alarm System, which will send notifications (in the form of messages) to 10 key officials at the airport if the devices detect that the water level in the river has exceeded 9.5 m MSL (bridge height 10.5 m MSL).

The need for such devices in the real world is quite evident. In the modern world driven by automation in almost every sector, technology could ensure that water-related issues like wastage, floods, water mismanagement, etc., could be kept in check and tackled in time. In the aforementioned case, early detection of rising river water will trigger preventive measures by airport officials saving huge damages.

About  Aquabrim Home Appliance Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 2008, Aquabrim aims at providing water resource management solutions for domestic as well as an industrial application using automation. Recognising the need for someone to stay at home just to switch ON and OFF the motor in most areas of the big cities, Aquabrim invested its time and resources to develop products that would automate the process. Overflowing water tanks are a common sight in most houses. This is primarily true in households where a single working person resides. In almost all cases, the timings of the water supply don’t match with the office timings, which results in no water or if the pump is switched ON without supervision, the tank overflows, wasting the precious resource. Aquabrim installs multiple sensors at various levels at your home to ensure that the system switches the motor ON and OFF at the right time.

Similarly, in industrial usage, there are many modern techniques to harvest water and recycle it for various activities. But storage and filling the large reservoirs at big industries is not easy, and human involvement compromises efficiency. To tackle that, Aquabrim has come up with multiple devices to automate the entire process with some simple installations.

The most popular devices that Aquabrim has include Ripple (Automatic Water Management Device for domestic use), Automatic System: iBot, Smart Pumps, Primus, Level Indicator/Alarm: eBell, Electromagnetic Flow Meter, among others. One of the most prominent areas where Automatic System: Primus from Aquabrim found application recently is at our State Railway Stations; Agra Cantt, Mathura, Gwalior and Kanpur. This water automation device is used in industrial premises like the aforementioned railway stations that are huge. The water tanks are automatically filled by configuring various parameters, also resulting in a reduction of water wastage. In addition to that, the system could be remotely monitored via servers. The need for constant manual supervision and the errors associated with it are eliminated.

Products like the Electromagnetic Flow Meter also recently gathered attention when the Ministry of Jal Shakti under the Government of India issued guidelines through the Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) on August 18, 2021, to keep track of the water consumption and groundwater level. According to this circular, all the water users extracting groundwater from multiple tubewells and bores are required to install digital water flow meters conforming to BIS/IS standards to get a NOC and intimate CGWA on their web portal. Companies like Aquabrim offer electromagnetic flow meters which satisfy the BIS/IS standards and boasts features like wireless data transmission, accurate readings, efficient and rugged meters, application over a wide range of process fluids, waters, STP, ETP, etc.

If you would like to inquire about any of their products, visit the website or mail at

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