Another world record attempt in Surat: World’s largest mosaic image of 200 sq mt made using 18,400 sanitary pads

Kamakhya India’s awareness event for menstrual hygiene and promoting biodegradable products

Surat (Gujarat) [India], June 3: Kamakhya India, an organisation committed to health awareness, attempted to create a world record in Sure. The organisation made the world’s largest mosaic image using 18,400 sanitary pads. The initiative aims to create awareness about menstrual hygiene and promote the use of biodegradable and eco-friendly products.

Titled “Shades of Red 2.0”, the event was organised at VR Surat on June 1 and 2. Kamakhya India’s Founder Nandini Sultaniya highlighted the organisation’s commitment to promoting menstrual hygiene and awareness among women in both rural and urban areas.

“This two-day event aims to spread greater awareness about menstruation. We used 18,400 biodegradable and eco-friendly sanitary pads to create a mosaic image measuring 52×40 sq ft or nearly 200 sq. This is the largest mosaic image made using sanitary pads and represents the Kamakhya India logo,” she said.

The event, aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals listed by the United Nations, coincided with the Menstrual Hygiene Day, organised on May 28, and the World Environment Day, observed on June 5. It emphasised both menstrual hygiene and environmental conservation.

“Our goal is to dispel the various myths associated with menstruation, the taboo associated with periods, and promote menstrual hygiene among women. The pads used to create the mosaic will be distributed by various non-profit organisations in tribal and rural areas, where awareness about menstrual hygiene remains low,” added Ms. Sultaniya.

The event was celebrated as an awareness campaign and a festival to encourage broader participation. It featured various activities and workshops by NGOs and other organisations. The event also contributed to environmental awareness and showed how even small steps can lead to a big impact.

During the event, Ms. Sultaniya and Anjana Patodia delivered inspirational talks on the use of sanitary pads, menstrual hygiene and biodegradable products. A question and answer session was also organised, which was moderated by Kamakhya India Director Arusha Relan and Aarti Gangwal.


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