Akshar Yoga launches book ‘The Science of Mudras, A Book on the Yogic Techniques of Mudras’ penned by Himalayan Siddha Akshar, Author

October 21: In order to spread the message of Yoga Mudras, Akshar Yoga launched a new book ‘The Science of Mudras- the Teachings of Himalayas (Vol 1)’ on 8th October, 2022 authored by Himalayan Siddha Akshar, and published by Clever Fox Publishing House.

The book contains within it valuable resources with scientifically developed wellness strategies.

The Science of Mudras rose to the position of #1 Best Seller in numerous categories within three days of its release on Amazon. The book’s first volume contains the little-known Mudras of Yoga science. On how to employ and reap the rewards of these mudras, there are comprehensive instructions. Knowledge of the Surya Mudra (Sun), Prithvi Mudra (Earth), Vayu Mudra (Air), Agni Mudra (Fire), Akash Mudra (Universe/Space), and Jal Mudra (Water) are some of the 51 mudras stated.

The book holds techniques of practice for various simple mudras such as Gyan mudra, Dhyan Mudra, Pran Mudra, etc whose ease of practice makes them amicable for even the most novel enthusiasts. Though they are simple in their manner of practice, their impact on the body and mind are extremely compelling.

When you delve further into these teachings, you will come across challenging mudras such as Garuda Mudra, Shankh Mudra, etc that are wonderful to practice and whose benefits are almost magical.

Dotted throughout the book are mudra that can help us through various lifestyle challenges and disorders that we all face.

Yoga is a world renowned holistic practice. There are many aspects of yoga which can bring remarkable transformation in our lives. There are so many techniques within yoga, such as Yoga asanas, Pranayama, Mudras, meditation and many more. They have their own way to heal and treat us from various health issues, be it physical or mental.

The Yogic culture and tradition emphasises the need of nourishing and enhancing both the body and the intellect. Conversations on health and its significance are becoming more and more prevalent today. The Science of Mudras is therefore closely related to advancing this cause. The spiritual and practical side of yoga teaches us how to achieve a healthy work-life balance while treating difficulties with stress, sadness, and anxiety that affect people of all ages.

Please visit www.thescienceofmudras.com for more information.

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