Adding little bits of Joy to your lives with JoySpoon Mukhwas

Surat (Gujarat) [India], June 21: JoySpoon, the pioneering mukhwas brand known for its clean and tasty alternatives, proudly unveiled its new packaging on the theme of “little bits of Joy” at the prestigious IVY Growth 2024 event organized by 21by72.

No Indian meal is complete without mukhwas or mouth fresheners, a traditional after-meal ritual that has become an integral part of Indian cuisine. While mukhwas have always been integral to Indian households, finding cleaner options has been challenging.

Enter JoySpoon, a unique brand offering quality and refreshing alternatives to traditional mukhwas products. JoySpoon meticulously crafts its products using natural ingredients without added preservatives, supari, or artificial flavors. Ingredients like neem, jethimadh, dry fruits, and millet not only retain the traditional taste but also provide health advantages. By combining ancient wisdom with modern needs, JoySpoon provides a range of offerings that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

In a market filled with products like pan masala, tobacco, and sugar-based gums, JoySpoon stands out by offering cleaner variants. Moving away from the conventional black-capped mukhwas bottles, the new design is both eye-catching and premium, reflecting the brand’s dedication to innovation and quality. This fresh look aims to appeal to a wider audience and make JoySpoon a household name.

JoySpoon raised Rs. 1.25 crore in funding from 100X.VC and an additional 50 lakhs from angel investors, underscoring the confidence in its founders and the exceptional taste of its products. JoySpoon’s participation in the IVY Growth 2024 event attracted significant attention. The strategic decision to launch new packaging at this event allowed potential investors, buyers, and well-wishers to experience the new look firsthand.

JoySpoon is led by an innovative team that blends tradition with entrepreneurship. Yash Mehta, a Chartered Accountant, and Vaishali Mehta, a marketing professional, bring a wealth of expertise to the brand. As childhood friends and now a couple, they are transforming the unorganized mukhwas category into a product of international standards made in India. “We aspire to have a bottle of JoySpoon mukhwas on every table in India,” says Yash Mehta, reflecting the brand’s mission to spread joy through its products.

Experience the joy of functional mukhwas with JoySpoon. Visit to explore their range of products and join us in celebrating the little moments of joy in everyday life.



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