A Journey from MCA Post Graduate to Successful Entrepreneur!

Noida, Aug 13: Ayushi Bansal, an MCA postgraduate, entered the field of digital marketing early on and created the digital marketing agency ‘Social Parindee Digital Marketing Agency.’ She worked for several companies before becoming an Entrepreneur, where she understood the working process and clients’ needs. She is an expert in both social media marketing and animation. She’s also an excellent career counsellor who helped many students who later achieved great heights in their careers. She believes that the quality of a company’s work determines its success. Ayushi has always been interested in women’s issues and small businesses; thus, she has provided them with various opportunities and chances. “Giving wings to these women’s dreams because they can surely conquer the world,” she says.

Ayushi also states that her mother was by her side during her trials and initial working days, supporting and mentoring her at every turn. All of this so moved her that she decided to form a company to help up-and-coming female entrepreneurs.

Ayushi and Social Parindee are setting the bar high for others to follow, and they are living proof of the phrase “Believe in your limitless potential.” The only constraints you impose on yourself are those that you impose on yourself.

 “Mana Ke Mushquil hai safar, par agar kahi tu ruka toh manzil aayegi na phir.”

Social Parindee proved that with Hardwork and Consistency, everything is achievable. In contrast, many startups arose and shut in a short period. Social Parindee gained too much popularity just in 2 years.

Now the question arises, how it is different from other Digital Marketing agencies?

Ayushi Bansal

Social Parindee has created a very healthy relationship with the clients. Clients can start their Digital Marketing at a low price by availing of different services from us. Whether it’s a small business or a large business, the company does not cheat the customers by charging a high fee for services available at a lower price. This is why customers have a long-term relationship with us, and they are so much satisfied with the quality of services provided by us.

Employees feel a sense of belongingness with the Company. A friendly environment has been created within the work area. A complete hierarchy exists due to which employees feel so proud while working with Social Parindee.

Students get a variety of opportunities from us. From top DU colleges to all IIT, IIMs, the company has established a name across all over India. From internship offer letters to interacting with the prominent persons of the company, they get a lot of things to learn and grow. Students get a new environment while working with us. If you are looking for a platform providing internships of more significant opportunities and where you can develop your skills, Social Parindee is your way. Social Parindee will help you build your personality and grow from the start of your session.

 ‘Social Parindee, Fly With Greater Opportunities And Experience’

A creative digital marketing Agency, Social Parindee, has clients in every domain like Celebrities, restaurants, real estate, stock market, dieticians, nutritionists, hospitals, and digital creators. They covered almost every field, and as the name suggests, Social Parindee is a place to develop yourself on social platforms so that you can fly with greater opportunities because “you decide whom you want to be ”

Within two years, Social Parindee has become a known platform for digital marketing, a group of experts who assist in achieving continual revolutionary growth by ethical modes and keep up to the speed on digital marketing methods as the industry change. They always ensure to give the best services to each client and have demonstrated amazing progress. Unlike other organizations that offer services in silos,” her agency asserts, “First we work with you to understand your brand. Then to design its comprehensive online and offline marketing plan.” So, If you are looking for a creative Digital Marketing Agency to handle your platforms, then Social Parindee is a place for you.


Get in touch with Social Parindee at

Website- https://socialparindee.com/

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/socialparindee/

Founder- https://www.linkedin.com/in/ayushi-bansal-274844129/

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