A boost for Indian Civil Engineering Industry: The Sandeep Pingale Model

New Delhi, December 13: Rahul Nikam had just passed out of Engineering college and was desperate for a job, hailing as he was, from a middle-class family struggling for survival. He had attended many interviews and not landed a Job. He often knew the answers to the questions asked but was not able to communicate the same.

Abhishek Sharma was another student, hailing from rural Bihar. He too was desperate for a job. He was smart and knew how to face the panel but somehow the questions they asked him left him floored. In fact, in one campus drive, he was bold enough to ask a person on the panel if it was from the course he had completed!

Countless such graduates in the country flounder in similar situations. The years and effort spent in college seem wasted when applying for a job. Skill sets required are missing, but above all, critical and innovative thinking abilities are null and void. Communication is poor and confidence levels very low.

This was the scenario that greeted Sandeep Pingale when he returned from Dubai to set his Entrepreneurship Journey in India. A Civil Engineer by qualification, with vast experience and knowledge in Structural Designing, he had plans to start his consultancy firm in the Country.

Established in Mumbai in 2010, E-Construct Design and Build Private Limited began as a consultancy service for Civil Engineering solutions. Despite being a start-up in the field, E-Construct took off quite well, and projects flooded in. Within the next two years, the company expanded to a private limited one, during which his wife Shraddha Pingale, an M.Tech graduate, actively joined the company operations as Co-founder and helped with business development and administration.

When looking to hire graduates from the colleges, what Sandeep and Shraddha saw set them thinking. Sandeep recognized the disparity between the Civil Engineering course curriculum and the on-site requirements of working in the field. The theoretical knowledge with no skill set or aptitude development was the core reason he saw low standards in the Civil Engineering section.

Sandeep feared a possible fall of the economy, seeing how under-skilled civil engineers were being entrusted with developing basic infrastructure and housing solutions across the country. This prompted him to introduce India’s first ON-JOB training initiative, exclusively designed for Civil and Structural Engineers. Sandeep and his team provided ON-JOB internships to 1000s of students across India.

Here, civil engineers can acquire the essential skill sets required to excel in the field as they learn on the job. Every year, thousands of skilled Civil Engineers come out of the training program, many of who have been placed in top companies and projects in India and abroad.

Anuradha is an example. Today she is one of the leading team members at Ramboll and today she exudes confidence and commitment.

Harshvardhan is placed in Atkins.  A happy and outgoing person, he is taking care of a project himself and his family has gone beyond mere survival.

Many are the others who have passed out of E-construct run by Sandeep Pingale. A satisfied man, Sandeep is constantly on the lookout for ways to improvise and learn.

He could have picked a plum job and done well for himself and his family. But he was looking for more, ways in which to contribute to his nation and planet.

E-Construct Design and Build Private Limited, established in 2010 specializes in providing Engineering Consultancy and Corporate ON-JOB Training to people in need and also engages in significant construction works across the length and breadth of India. Initially based in Mumbai, the company is now extended to multiple offices throughout cities like Tumkur, and Pune and is headquartered in Bangalore. They also opened a branch recently in Dubai, UAE.

A man of humble origins, Sandeep Pingale, hails from a family of farmers. Even without any academic background in Entrepreneurship or business, the fact that he took such a big step is proof of his passion and dedication to nation-building and a sustainable planet.

Sandeep’s commitment to uplifting the Indian Civil Engineering field doesn’t end with setting up the company. He, along with his co-founder and the rest of the team, strives to dissolve the myths and rumors around the industry, which often inhibit talented and interested individuals from pursuing it. “Due to the lack of awareness and branding, a significant share of society believes Civil Engineering to be one of the low-earning industries and considers fields like IT to be high-profiting. But considering that a human during his lifetime, despite spending meager sums on gadgets and other belongings, makes the most significant investment in building a home, and likewise, in any country, the community’s existence is based on infrastructure, we need to give it the due,” he notes.

A qualified Civil Engineer with the right skill set will always have a steady job and solid income flow compared to any other field, especially IT, he avers.

From a regular consultancy company to an enterprise that offers Civil Engineering Consultancy, Construction services, ON-JOB Learning Programs, and much more. Sandeep & Shraddha launched their YouTube channel to help Civil Engineering students, working professionals and Consultants gain knowledge thru ON-JOB Learning. They have reached a milestone of 1 lakh subscribers.

E-construct is proof that vision and commitment can never fail to deliver.

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