A Beacon of Hope for Entrepreneurs via Taxation help: Neha Nagar, Leading Financial Content Creator

New Delhi [India], May 12: Neha Nagar, the founder & CEO of Taxation help, is a name to be reckoned with among top Indian women entrepreneurs. Although there are very few women in financial content creation, yet Neha is one among them.

It’s truly rare to witness a young professional take control of their financial life and career. Well, Neha Nagar is a one-of-a-kind individual who truly had a passion for business and her goal to be an entrepreneur one day, since the time she was an MBA student.

Neha Nagar is a Financial Planner. She explored many career options before choosing one like sales, marketing, CA, modelling & acting. She began her career in financial planning in the year 2018. This was because she wanted to know more and more about the finance industry. She was curious about how it works since the beginning. Then, gradually she got to know about the need and essence of financial literacy through her personal experience.

Neha belongs to a typical Gujjar family where not every girl is educated and allowed to work after marriage. But all this didn’t dampen her spirits as she fought bravely to fulfil her dreams and now her family is her biggest support system.

You may be surprised to know, that our country India is home to around 17% of the world’s total population, but out of which only 24 % is financially literate.

There is a vast difference between being literate and being financially literate. A PhD holder may not be financially literate, but a 10thpass may. And all this is possible with financial planning.

Financial literacy is all about making smart financial decisions to achieve financial goals. From planning to purchase a car or a home, to make good investments with better returns in future, everything is possible with financial planning. After all, the first step for starting a business is to plan it, by taking the aid of financial services.

Neha founded Taxation help through which she aims to inform and educate the masses regarding being in the business and financial industry. It is a technology-driven platform that offers services covering the legal needs of start-ups and businesses. Their services include government registrations, accounting, documentation, and a lot more.

Neha is a versatile woman who runs her own business, along with creating financial content in parallel. Her sole aim is to make people’s life easier by providing financial knowledge to them, following which she made small videos, for spreading awareness via her social media.

The journey of content creation was not that easy for Neha. She built around 300k followers on the Tik Tok application in just two months through her informative videos in the year 2020 during the lockdown. But soon all her hard work went futile as the application got banned.

It was a big setback for her at first, yet Neha again started from zero and started building followers by spreading awareness on financial analysis, on her Instagram. Currently, she is blessed with more than 400k followers on her social media and that too within three months.

Moreover, she is more passionate about encouraging women to break the glass ceiling and to provide the youth of today with the mechanisms needed to thrive in the working world.

Having been an innovator throughout her life, she has helped multiple companies re-establish themselves in the market and further flourish.

There are no obstacles, but just opportunities, according to Neha Nagar; she said this in one of her recent interviews. She is the beacon of hope and inspiration for present-future woman entrepreneurs. She is truly an inspiration to young generations as millennials aren’t sure about career choices and they often end up sticking to anyone at random even if it is nowhere of their personal interest.

“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon seem inevitable.”These words of Christopher Reeve are being made happen practically by Mrs. Neha Nagar, who is only growing stronger without looking back.

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