72% Indians are sleep-deprived and almost the same with the Global Population

Hyderabad, Telangana [India] : Indian ancient Ayurveda proved once again it is the most reliable source of remedy for all health disorders. It is well-known fact from the ages that Ayurvedic products and medicines are harmless and heals the health problems from the roots without any side effects.

Only 34% of the population are having a satisfactory amount of sleep every day. Food habits, lack of exercise, irregular sleep, and varying working styles are some of the basic reasons for sleep disorders. Interestingly patients do not take sleeping disorders seriously which is a cause behind many other ailments including obesity, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, poor memory, lack of concentration.

Many studies say sleep is good not only for physical health but it also helps in good mental health. Sleep is the natural remedy to decrease stress levels. Working professionals who are not having a sufficient amount of sleep are proved low productive compared to those who are having good sleep. There are only a few proven possible medications for these sleep issues like sleep pills and steroids but it is not recommended by doctors to use any of these for longer durations as all these are addictive and may cause severe side effects.

OpenCube, Hyderabad based startup company came with an outstanding solution through Ancient Ayurveda. Srestayu a wellness brand addressing the global sleep disorder problem. Srestayu sleep oil is an Ayush-approved Ayurvedic proprietary product that proved to be a reliable solution for sleep issues. It is the first external application for sleep in the world. Tested on 1000+ individuals of different professions and from different parts of the country. 68% out of which are very satisfied and able to sleep happily after using srestayu sleep oil. This is the only approved product available in the market for good sleep.

Vinod Kumar Pentakota CEO and founder of the company says It took 3 years for us to develop srestayu sleep oil we engaged all the best resources in the R&D department. It was a very tough journey to bring the final product we are bound to and decided to use high quality and natural ingredients in the manufacturing process. Our manufacturing unit is GMP, WHO-GMP, and ISO certified unit. We are maintaining all the international standards from day one. Our manufacturing process is completely automated and no human manual intervention to maintain a high standard of quality. We make the product available all over India in the next 3 months and in the next 1 year, we make the product available in the global market. This product is made available at all the medical and general stores all over the country and it is made available on online platforms shortly

Not only is India’s Entire world is facing problems with sleepless nights, Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but the condition has also ruined many industry sectors and led to the unemployment problem. It also created financial crises at every level due to which many people are not able to sleep with peace this is indirectly affecting the overall growth of an individual and his workplace. Everyone is looking for alternative methods to come out of the stress and anxiety exercise, yoga, meditation, cycling are some of the few alternatives methods that helped to some extent.

Good Food and regular exercise are some of the best recommended natural remedies for sleep issues and finally, srestayu sleep oil is one such natural remedy that is proved to the best possible remedy.

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